Watch “Bras” here!


The story started with a man and an idea, Anthony DiMieri​, who then surrounded himself with a team of very intelligent and talented women producer movie makers, including writing partner Mia Sørensen​, then cast one hell of a force as a lead, and now we have the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” – BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said best by Anthony… “Very proud to find that the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” is one of our own, proving that you don’t need money, celebrity, or anyone’s permission to produce work on par with gigantic media conglomerates and Hollywood studios. You just need a great writing partner (@mia.sorensen), a decent credit card and some extraordinarily generous, talented friends and you can make your own #HollywoodDreams come true. Congratulations Masha King! And long live Bros the gift that keeps on giving.”