Coach x Michael B. Jordan | Exclusive Capsule Collection ft. Naruto

Very happy to share another video collaboration with Coach for their limited-edition collection designed by Michael B Jordan and inspired by Naruto, for his inaugural Coach Capsule Collection.

Director and Black Panther alum Rachel Morrison, along with Coach Producers Alanna Hernando and Megan Loop brought this brilliant creative to life.

In the final hours, Disco Cha Cha produced the little sweet beat at the back with Michael B. Jordan’s Darion Javon, Carver Green along with long time friend and colleague of Disco Cha Cha, Alan Friedman – a master of beats!

Front end sound design by Rob Ballingall, original music and creative producer Halle Petro – all of Sonic Union.

It took a Village, but a very talented one!!

“BattleScar” VR Trailer

“BattleScar” is back with Chapter 2 and 3. The full story premiered at Venice film festival and is coming your way.  Here is a little trailer for ya!

A 1978 New York City punk rock story told by Rosario Dawnson, Directed by Martin Allais and Nico Casavecchia and Written by Nico Casavecchia and Mercedes Arturo!


Some Venice VR film coverage to peruse…


Golden Hornet Presents MXTX

I am on the Golden Hornet Board, founded by Graham Reynolds and couldn’t be happier and more amazed by what we do. We get to make amazing projects happen!!

This is our next project that will cross borders in a time that doing so is one of the most political discussions around. It shouldn’t be and I am here to say let’s unite and let’s create!! That’s how life should be.

Doing fundraising for this kickstarter here. Thank you to those who have already donated! Love to everyone for the support! Copy and paste and dig a little…it’s worth every penny and there are incentives!…/goldenhornet/mxtx-a-cross-bor…


Surina & Mel. World Premiere at the Urban World Film Festival  – get yours! super excited to be asked to music supervise the teaser for this wonderful pilot that is pushing boundaries and getting it known that us Brown people want shows about us too.

Sept. 21st at Urban World 2019 – info here!

Crunchy Frog B’day Bash: 25 Years of Acquired Taste

091419_70905738_10156984139962886_5048977851676622848_o.jpgCrunchy Frog turned 25. For the occasion they organized and flew out a brilliant group of music super people, from all over, to introduce us to Danish music makers and celebrate all their bands. It was an amazing time in Copenhagen,  Thank you for everything Crunchy!! #classphoto

The Inside Look – Michael Kors Spring 2020 Runway Show

Come join us for an inside look of Michael Kors new collection! Cleared a beauty for this one…

A Portrait The Michael Kors Mini-Documentary

Watch the mini-doc now!  Glorious minutes with Michael Kors


UNION debuts on VOD! HBO pay per view, FlixFling, Frontier, Fandango, BRCTV, DirectTV, Redbox, Google Play, iTunes, Optimum, Youtube, VUDU, Verizon and Microsoft Movies. More to come! 


Anya is soon to hit the masses on VOD.  Also can be found at various screenings all over this amazing Earth.  Follow info here!

Häagen-Dazs “Cones”

More delicious ice cream coming your way.  Produced another track with Marmosets!

Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA Films.

Häagen Dazs and Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK.

And music with the lovely Marmoset Music!

Fit To Print Summer 2019

Celebrating prints with Michael Kors!

Coach “Presenting Fifty Years Proud”
Very excited and beyond proud to be a part of and music supervise this video project. 50 years since the monumental moment at Stonewall. Many years of many monumental moments, around the world, that took a lot of strength to get through.
I am so grateful for all the warriors, in the LGBTQ community, who stand proud and continue to do so as things still need to change and move forward. Love to you all!!!!!!!!! #worldpride
FROM COACH: “In celebration of #WorldPride Coach was honored to work with an inspiring and diverse group of LGBTQ+ creative collaborators for this film, both in front of and behind the camera. We are also proud to support young people in the LGBTQ+ community through an ongoing partnership with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the oldest and largest youth serving LGBTQ+ charity in the country.”
MKGO Rainbow Summer 2019 with Bella Hadid

Kicking off summer with Michael Kors!

Häagen-Dazs – Obsessions Collection 2019

A delicious campaign that we got to produce the music for with some amazing people including:

Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA Films.

Häagen Dazs and Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK.

And music with the lovely Nylon Studios!



Happy Mother’s Day! From Bella Hadid and Michael Kors!

A music supervision pleasure to work on.

Happy Mothers Day!

Very SUPER proud to share that Bros’ very own Masha King​ was named the top Honoree of the 2019 The Webby Awards for the Video & Film “Best Individual Performance”!

Watch “Bras” here!


The story started with a man and an idea, Anthony DiMieri​, who then surrounded himself with a team of very intelligent and talented women producer movie makers, including writing partner Mia Sørensen​, then cast one hell of a force as a lead, and now we have the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” – BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said best by Anthony… “Very proud to find that the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” is one of our own, proving that you don’t need money, celebrity, or anyone’s permission to produce work on par with gigantic media conglomerates and Hollywood studios. You just need a great writing partner (@mia.sorensen), a decent credit card and some extraordinarily generous, talented friends and you can make your own #HollywoodDreams come true. Congratulations Masha King! And long live Bros the gift that keeps on giving.”


Surina and Mel. Official Teaser – Music Supervision

53568854_10102437010508310_8901369890472984576_o.jpgWas very sad to miss this special screening for cast and crew. But sending all my love to the dream team that put this together.  Pushing all boundaries and stereotypes is the name of the game.  Surina & Mel. will melt your hearts.

More info at Surina and Mel. Facebook



Fall 2019 Michael Kors Collection Runway Show Playlist – Music Supervision

Loved doing this playlist for the online runway show.  All the issues that music supervisors are made for, were explored for the runway.

Michael Kors An Inside Look Fall 2019 BTS Collection Runway Show – Music Supervision

Behind the scenes at Michael Kors mixed with some vintage Japanese disco tunes = best fun ever!!


Fashion Week Begins!

Michael Kors Spring 2019 Launch Party Vibes

“BattleScar” goes to the Annie Awards


Congratulations to Martin Allais, Nico Casavecchia and AtlasV for their Annie nomination for Best Virtual Reality Production!!! Next chapters coming soon!!




Thinking of the beach during the winter months. Resort wear with Eric Biondo at the horn…

Michael Kors “Resort 2019” Collection – Music Production


Lilah is a new member of the Golden Hornet Board!



Explore the wonderful projects this organization develops and become a supporter!!

Click here to go to the site or write us and we will tell you how!!


Michael Kors “Light Up the Night” Holiday 2018 – Music Supervision

Tis the season with Michael Kors!

A special re-mix project with Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA films.

Bros “Trump Years” Series Teaser

A reminder to get out and vote!!

Sephora “Brand 2.2” 2018 – Music Supervision

A fun collaboration of music and good manager fun – Come get it!

Michael Kors “Watch Hunger Stop – The Power of Zero” 2018 – Music SupervisionN

A joy to find the perfect track for Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Effort!

“BattleScar” gets another nod – this time Best Animated VR at KLIK Amsterdom!

Congrats Nico and Martin!!

Stay tune for more chapters!!

“ANYA” 2018 – Music Supervisor
MV5BYjg1MTEzZWYtZTFjMy00NDc4LWIwODQtOTBmYzAyMzNhZjgzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjgzMzAzOTU@._V1_SY1000_SX1500_AL_.jpgJust wrapping this beauty of a tail. Looking forward to sharing it with you all!!
Directors: Jacob Akira Okada and Carylanna Taylor
Writers: Carylanna Taylor and Jacob Akira Okada
Michael Kors “Laidback Luxe Fall 2018” – Music Supervision

It’s Fall Time with MK. We got this little gem of a song on the scene…

Bros: #TheTrumpYears

July 5th.jpg

The complete second season streaming now:

Bros Series

Bros Season 2: Ode to Smoothie Island

A Smoothie Dream Teaser….


“Edge of the World” Premiering in Orlando and then at the Dallas Film Festival May 5th, 2018! Get your tickets!!

Tickets for Orlando and Dallas can be found here…see you there!!!!!!!!!

Get tickets to Dallas International Film Festival here:…/…/24898849310733569

Get tickets to International Christian Film Festival (Orlando) here:


“Battlescar” is going to Tribeca!



Our punk rock VR story will be screening for all your viewing pleasure at Tribeca Film Festival! A NY story for a NY festival!!

Stay tune for more info!! #Tribeca2018

“BattleScar” Website

Estée Lauder “Doublewear” 2018 – Music Supervision

Worked with Estée Lauder to bring them a song you can’t deny and want to fall in love with = Estée Love!

Michael Kors “The Next Wave Spring” 2018 – Music Supervision

Dreaming about the warmer seasons. Michael Kors and 2018!

Michael Kors “Mens Spring 2018” – Music Supervision

Kicking off 2018 with Michael Kors – bring on the warmer weather. PLEASE!!

“BattleScar ” (VR) Trailer – Chapter 1 – Music Supervision

“BattleScar” premieres at the Sundance film festival, along with other amazing VR company. All part of Sundance’s New Frontier exhibition at the new Ray Theatre.

“BattleScar” brings you back to 1978 New York City. We had the pleasure to bring the music to play for this punk rock story told by Rosario Dawnson, Directed by Martin Allais and Nico Casavecchia and Written by Nico Casavecchia and Mercedes Arturo!

Sundance New Frontier



The Verge


Coach “Holiday 2017” – Music Supervision

Bringing you the holidays with this special disco holiday edition from Coach!

Happy Holidays!!

Sephora “Holiday 2017” :30 – Music Supervision and Production

We had some fun, working with Feekee, customizing a song to fit Sephora’s campaign. Awesome to work with amazing talent!!!

News and Press:

Instyle: “Sephora’s Holiday Campaign Is Its Most Diverse Yet”


Edge Of The World (Trailer) 2018 – Music Supervision

Director: Randy Redroad
Charla Driver, Colin Holmes and Richard W. Munchkin



Chavela (Official Trailer) 2017 – Music Supervision

Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi


Bros “I’m With Her” Teaser

Bros “I’m With Her” episode coming to your county!


Sophie and the Rising Sun (Official Trailer) 2016 – Music Supervision

Director: Maggie Greenwald
Writer: Maggie Greenwald (screenplay) and Augusta Trobaugh (novel)
Producer: Brenda Goodman
Post Producer: Susan Lazarus


Here Comes Rusty (Official Trailer) 2016 – Music Supervision

Director: Tyler Russell
Pierce Wortham, William Ross Smith and Tyler Russell


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A Single Frame (Official Trailer) 2015 – Music Supervision

Director: Brandon Dickerson
Producer: Ginger Sledge
Editor: Sandra Adair
Composer: Graham Reynolds


Walking Man (Official Trailer) 2014 – Music Supervision

Director: Josh Salzberg
Writers: Michael Hofacre, Eric Norwine and Josh Salzberg
Producer: Eric Norwine


Film Website

Girls Night (Trailer) 2014 – Music Supervision

Director and Writer: Lindsey Copeland


Among Ravens (Official Trailer) 2014 – Music Supervision

Director and Writers:
Russell Friedenberg and Randy Redwood
Producer: Heather Rea


Durazno [Peach] (Official Trailer) 2014 – Music Supervision and Production

Director: Yashira Jordan
Writer: Jose Ángel Esteban and Yashira Jordan
Editor: Natacha Valerga
Line Producer: Lilah Wilson



Bros Ep. 3 “Santa Conned” Teaser

Holiday Bros teaser…full story coming to you soon! Is it time for Santa Con?

We Are Young (Official Trailer) 2013 – Music Supervision

Director and Writer: Alex Richanbach
Editor: Josh Salzberg



“Bros vs. Breaking Bad” Ep. 2 Teaser

Don’t ask…just watch. New Episode coming soon….

Bros Trailer (An HBO Girls Parody) 2013 – Music Supervision and Producer

Executive Producer, Director and Writer:
Anthony DiMieri
Jason Ano, Mike Berlucchi, Joseph Lombardi, Lilah Wilson and Ted Maniatakos

Bros Series Youtube

Sleepwalk With Me (Official Trailer) 2012 – Music Supervision

Director and Writer: Mike Birbiglia
Producers: Ira Glass and Jacob Jaffke.


“Lensing, music and other below-the-line contributions are polished enough that this modestly budgeted endeavor, which was scaled back from a more ambitious production so Birbiglia could direct himself, looks and sounds better than some studio comedies.” — Variety