Very excited about this new project with Coach and Lil Nas X. Launch announced here with his new single “Star Walkin”!

“Introducing The Courage to Be Real: a call to action and film. Our commitment to inspiring limitless self-expression by confidently embracing all aspects of who you are.” – COACH

So proud and excited to work with Remezcla and Tecate on ALTA SINFÓNICA. A mini documentary series that showcased a breaking of musical barriers – merging classical sounds with urbano beats. #BringYourAllBringYourALTA

This project was exhibited in acts. Here is the first one where we met the conductor Jessica Bejarano, from East LA, and is a force that breaking down all barriers to do what she loves the most.

ALTA SINFÓNICA x Jessica Bejarano – ACT I: Meet the Conductor

Being a unicorn is not easy. For those of you who do not know what a music supervisor does here is a bittersweet story just for you….

Support our movement by following and supporting our social handles, sharing stories and speaking up in solidarity. Find press and social handles here.

It all started in a tweet…

Stand with us as we fight for equal rights that our crew gets. This includes basic rights to live. A living wage, health care and the security of being able to survive in retirement are human rights. That is all we are asking for! It is not a handout it is the right to be treated equal for our craft.

Rolling Stone Mexico gives the Golden Hornet’s MXTX new record project a shout out!!! Proud Board Member right here!

We launched with our first single that featured the legendary Rubén Albarrán of Cafe Tacvba and Bostich of Nortec. Now you can stream the whole album here. Pre-order opportunities for the vinyl to come soon!

Excited to announce Amansa Tiafi (Public Toilet Africa) North American Premiere at SXSW Friday March 11th!

After its Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) World Premiere, Amansa Tiafi (Public Toilet Africa) makes its US debut at the in-person 2022 SXSW Film Festival for the Film’s North America Premiere tomorrow March 11th!

I was the music supervisor on this and can tell you Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah is a gem of a person. Also involved is a long time hermano out of NY Tom Efinger of Red Hook Post. In addition to an amazing film crew. Would be great to see all your faces!

Screening info here!

#musicsupervision #PublicToiletAfrica #SXSW #AmansaTiafi #film #cinema #Locarno74 #CarthageFilmFestival #VillaMedici #WarsawFilmFestival #FESPACO #ZozimoBulbulFilmFestival #DahklaFilmFestival

Crossing borders and creating a larger community. On this hard day I do have a little light to show we can make change. The 1st single from the Golden Hornet MXTX project is out!

Proud to be a board member of the Golden Hornet and part of the release of our cross border project with Mexico – MXTX. Mexico is place that is my blood, my heritage and my heart!! The border has always been an evident divide in my life, with my Mom’s story and with family abroad. But I have always felt closer to my heritage in Mexico than here in the States. Making me a proud Chicana who carries her roots with great pride.


The first single from the MXTX album out now on all platforms! “Mundo en Extinción” features the legendary Rubén Albarrán of Cafe Tacvba + Bostich from Nortec Collective of Nortec.

Full album out April 1st on Six Degrees Records

Live premiere April 16th at Fusebox Festival

Read more about the project at

MXTX is a cross-border exchange between DJ-producers and composers from Mexico and Texas that seeks to build musical, cultural, and social bridges through collective art making, community outreach, and live performances.


El primer single del álbum MXTX está disponible ahora en todas plataformas! “Mundo en Extinción” presenta las leyendas Rubén Albarrán de Cafe Tacvba + Bostich from Nortec Collective. El disco completo estará disponible el 1 de Abril Six Degrees Records y el debut vivo el 16 de Abril en Fusebox Festival

MXTX es un intercambio fronterizo transversal entre DJ-Productores y compositores de México y Texas que busca construir puentes musicales, culturales, y sociales con la creación colectiva de arte, alcance comunitario y con conciertos al vivo. Aprende más sobre el proyecto aquí

**************Escucha aquí

“Give or Take” is out now for your viewing pleasure!

I worked on the very tail end of the film and feel very lucky to have met this team. Available to stream and on demand if you didn’t catch it in the theatres. ENJOY!

“Love And Fury” Official Trailer 2021 – Music Supervision

UPDATE 12/2021: “Love and Fury” documentary is out and you can stream it now. And that pilot I was talking about below in an order post…not only did it break barriers but it is seriously kicking ass. Go watch both “Love and Fury” and “Reservation Dogs” Directed by Sterlin Harjo!

This is a film that gives me great pride to announce. I had the pleasure of working on this doc by Director Sterlin Harjo. It features Native musicians across the US. A story that is rarely or rather never told. A mission to bring Natives together as a community and to educate the masses as to “WHO” is standing in front of you. Sterlin’s upcoming pilot is bound to break barriers and enter us into a new world of content that has been here for some time, but needs to be told. Storytelling is a language and it should never be lost.

BattleScar is now in Japanese on the Oculus store! パンクを生んだのは少女たち 🎸

I feel so legit now in the anime world. Battlescar never lets you down and will soon be coming out with some new news.

LOVE THIS TEAM! I mean how can you go wrong with an Argentines, Spanish, Chicanos, New Yorker, Portlandian, and Frenchie mix team.

A little ASMR brought to you with Supermud

Yes we do this too! In reality, sound design is where we really nerd out.

Fall is around the corner…

and it is beautiful. Michael Kors MKGO 2021

Lolo Zouaï | Coach Camo Print Collection

Another Bladi and Coach Camo featuring Lolo Zouaï.

Michael Kors – the Anniversary Chapter – Chapter 5

We celebrated 40 years with Michael Kors this year. For the rest of this chapter series, from start to now, go to our work page. Michael Kors is all about New York and makes me happy that I came running here as soon as I could. #NYlovestory

Quincy in camo – Coach 2021

Loved working on these videos…

Another camo capture Directed by Blandi. Coach bringing the vibe.

Michael B Jordan kicking off Camo for Coach 2021

“Area Code” by Paris Texas and a choice select by Blandi on this kick off video for Coach Camo. What’s your area code?

“The Rooster and the Sword” arrives en vivo in San Antonio and virtual via Nueva York.

I am happy to represent the cast in crew of this short from Bolivia, via Director Yashira Jordán that involves Barrio Kami and boys of the Quechua people. A fantasy project to provide an escape from the effects of a political take over and then the start of a pandemic. Starting with the fact that the town is filled with roosters.

I will be at the Q/A for both screenings July 8th at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio.

Tickets and info here for en vivo (live) screening!

Also available via virtual screening via the New York Lift-Off Film Festival as part of the Judges select. You can vote for the film. $15 gives you all access to all the shorts – so you can enjoy this one and celebrate many others.

Tickets and info here for virtual screening abilities!

Producing – “Celebrate Pride in Belonging with Pixel – Support LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces 2021”

I had the pleasure of producing a shoot with photographer Cindy Elizabeth for Pixel’s Google Pride Video. We were tasked with representing Austin, Texas’s LGBTQ community of business owners and patrons and were blessed with the best cast and crew we could ask for. Enjoy all the beautiful people from all over the US. #ad

Featured Spaces:

allgo, Austin The Baton Show Lounge, Chicago Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin Gerber/Hart Library and Archives, Chicago The Grain Grooming Studio, Atlanta Henrietta Hudson, New York Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, Atlanta House of YES, New York Medusa Skates, Austin Meme’s Diner, New York My Sister’s Room, Atlanta Openhouse, San Francisco Orphan Andy’s, San Francisco RAGGA Art Collective, New York The Stonewall Inn, New York Therapy Bar, New York Vacancy Project, New York

A Variety reveal…

I got to to bring on a very special talent to this VR project, executive produced by Terrence Malick. Can’t wait to see it come to life. Read Variety’s Teaser HERE!

Summer vibes with a War classic…

War’s “Low Rider” will always bring me back to summer cruising memories for me.

In this beach setting we were able to spread the love and “Spill the Wine”.

Michael Kors 40th Anniversary Fashion Show in true NYC fashion!

I had the pleasure of music supervise Michael Kors Runway show. A true homage to New York and what makes this City an amazing city through thick and thin.

The show was done to support of NYC’s theater industry and also a fund raiser in support of the Actors Fund.

To join Michael Kors and support the cause DONATE HERE!

Coach Forever Season Two – #NYFW FW21 Fashion Show

In the middle of a freeze but found refuge and brought the heat with Skipworth & Turner!

Start grooving….

Sara Macel captured this wonderful moment of Sharon Jones and Naomi Shelton performing at my venue, The Lucky Cat. It hangs on my wall and I am forever thankful for it. Sharon came in on her birthday, knowing Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens were playing, and joined in. Of course this delighted the crowd and was one of those magic music blessings we would get at the Cat. We recently have lost Naomi to the sky above. Thank you Naomi Shelton for the many performances at the Lucky Cat and for blessing our stage. You will be greatly missed. I hope Cliff was there to greet you and you both are gearing up for several reunion shows!! XXX

Jennifer Lopez Sings Blondie’s “Call Me” on “Coach TV” | Fall 2021 | #CoachForever2

This is what dreams are made up. Music supervision at it’s best!

Michael Kors Celebrates Spring 2021 in true NY fashion with Xander’s version of “New York, New York”

Always great to bring back a classic tune with a new generation’s voice. Enjoy!


This Thursday 12/3…

I have the pleasure of being on a panel with some great people this Thursday. We will hopefully shed some light on being Brown and what that means not only in the US but globally within our music and film industry.

If you missed this, you can now watch it here!

“Here Comes Rusty” Official Movie Trailer (2020) – Music Supervision

Out now and with a stellar cast featuring the late Col. Bruce Hampton and Fred Willard plus more – as seen from the trailer. Get your Rusty on and enjoy! This was a journey but with awesome music and great composition by Scott Bomar. I don’t know how you will not, not enjoy the film.

2020 online retail was the way of covid. I had the pleasure to act as Creative Producer for Bae Liles’s online retail and social media launch.

Some BTS Shots from the camapign….

Bae Liles is a woman owned and ran small business out of Austin, Texas. Their featured item, The Bae Bag, is a partnership with Ubuntu Life to help create jobs in Kenya to “maker moms”. Providing a sustainable job force to support their families. Bae Liles has also extended their line to easy wear dresses and plan to continue to design offerings that are created for a low stress lifestyle. Check out their socials and our work!

Bae Liles Website

Bae Liles Instagram

Bae Liles Facebook

“Fugitive Dreams” premieres Saturday, Oct. 24th via the Austin Virtual Film Festival 2020.

Go HERE to reserve your ticket to screen at home. You have 48 hours to watch.

I had the pleasure to music supervise this Texas based film production. While at the festival site check the program and support other indie films and the creators behind the scenes.

Michael Kors | Coming Soon “Up on the Roof” Spring 2021 Collection – Music Supervision

A special and different 2021 runway addition for Michael Kors…

Stay tune for his latest collection and collaboration!

10/5/2020 – Last day to register in Texas and various key states in the US.

Locations in Travis county on this map will be open till midnight. Go register – no mail in required!!!

I will be at JD’s Supermarket on Decker Lane to help Spanish speakers and then to Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline location today!!

“Bros” Web Series | Trump Years – Producer and Art Director

Did someone mention the chain smokers? Somehow we went from comedy to sci-fi….

‘Scheduling a Zoom’ Parody by Chris Mann – Music Production

Another fun video with Chris Mann. I love putting amazing people together. My colleague and good friend Alan Friedman did the music on this sweet little tune.


‘Real Friends Before Covid’ by Chris Mann (A Garth Brooks Parody benefiting Americares #ItsNoJoke) – Music Production

It was a pleasure to be part of the production of this track with Chris Mann and Drew Nix for the Americares #itsnojoke comedy fundraiser. You can still watch the series and It Is well worth It.

You can also donate to the cause by texting to Give by texting “JOKE” to 20222 to donate $25 to benefit our Frontline healthcare heroes! Or donate any amount here:

Raising Money for Nurses in New York City during their fight with Covid 19!

I miss NY but my friends never stop.  Inspired by my colleague and friend’s cousin Vin who volunteered to go to NY with a plane full of nurses from Atlanta. Co-producers Anthony DiMeiri and Chiara Gerek have been buying supplies and delivering them to volunteer nurses displaced from home but in NYC to give all they have.

Please help support this crew in getting basic supplies to these nurses.

You can read about the story and donate here:

New York for Nurses Fundraiser


Where it all started on Go Fund Me



“Gambler” Parody – celebrating Kenny Rogers during Covid

When in solitude, use your time and get creative…

RIP Kenny Rogers – thank you for all the music!

Dolly Disco featuring “Catch it! The Corona Virus Boogie”

Cat the Creative virus.  Something from me to you while I am in solitude!


Proud to announce that “Chavela” has been announced as #1 documentary of the decade by Cine Arte Magazine!! This was a wonderful journey to be apart of and I am glad Chavela’s story will

Cine Arte Magazine Article

SXSW “i’m gona make you love me” announcement!

Come join us in Austin for this beautiful gem of a story!!!

SXSW 2020 Screening Info!

When art and music becomes protest – Las Tesis Chant in NYC

A group of wonderful woman who came together first in a home, to a studio and then to the streets to recreate the Chilean feminist collective LASTESIS’ (@lastesis) performance  of “Un Violador En Tu Camino” (A Rapist Is In Your Path).

It was inspiring to be a part of this action and experience this group of women who united, listened, watched and learned the steps and lyrics of this chant in English and Spanish in order to perform it with great pride and in unification with many around the world.

This chant was created to confront all systems in the way of progress.  Women are changing the dialogue of our patriarchy system as we move up to grab back our power. Making things happen despite the cemented barriers. Diversity of color and class is a necessity.   Proud to be of this collective voice who performed in solidarity with the Chilean women’s crisis, our sisters here on our land in the US and beyond borders, and survivors all over the world. Thank you @rosemcgowan for introducing me to this amazing group of organizers and helping expand the megaphone to many others. Muchos gracias y much amor y abrazos por @lastesis for your match and the fire you have caused on an international level. Mad respect Mijas!! Super chido!!!!

Organized by: @yaratravieso @paolamendoza @sarahsophief @nelstamp @amberrosetamblyn
Photos and Video: @KishaBari @sandibachon @ginnysuss Carylanna Taylor and @opiegirl_bama . #lastesis #metoo #brownandproud #unityinnumbers #hermanasforvida

Wishing you a wonderful for all holiday from Coach!

Had a great time working on this spot featuring “My Doorbell” by The White Stripes. #partyatthecoachhouse!

Spreading Love this 2019 Holiday Season with Michael Kors

Always love working the holiday celebrations!

“Anya” available 11/26/19!

We are excited to annoyance that “Anaya” will be available via online and DVD 11/26/2019.

 “Anaya” details and latest news!

‘i’m gonna make you love me” Premieres at DOC NYC next Thursday 11/7

Had the extreme pleasure to music supervise this amazing story full of courage, strength and beauty. Get your tickets now and come help us celebrate Brian’s story!!


Coach x Michael B. Jordan | Exclusive Capsule Collection ft. Naruto

Very happy to share another video collaboration with Coach for their limited-edition collection designed by Michael B Jordan and inspired by Naruto, for his inaugural Coach Capsule Collection.

Director and Black Panther alum Rachel Morrison, along with Coach Producers Alanna Hernando and Megan Loop brought this brilliant creative to life.

In the final hours, Disco Cha Cha produced the little sweet beat at the back with Michael B. Jordan’s Darion Javon, Carver Green along with long time friend and colleague of Disco Cha Cha, Alan Friedman – a master of beats!

Front end sound design by Rob Ballingall, original music and creative producer Halle Petro – all of Sonic Union.

It took a Village, but a very talented one!!

“BattleScar” VR Trailer

“BattleScar” is back with Chapter 2 and 3. The full story premiered at Venice film festival and is coming your way.  Here is a little trailer for ya!

A 1978 New York City punk rock story told by Rosario Dawnson, Directed by Martin Allais and Nico Casavecchia and Written by Nico Casavecchia and Mercedes Arturo!


Some Venice VR film coverage to peruse…


Golden Hornet Presents MXTX

I am on the Golden Hornet Board, founded by Graham Reynolds and couldn’t be happier and more amazed by what we do. We get to make amazing projects happen!!

This is our next project that will cross borders in a time that doing so is one of the most political discussions around. It shouldn’t be and I am here to say let’s unite and let’s create!! That’s how life should be.

Doing fundraising for this kickstarter here. Thank you to those who have already donated! Love to everyone for the support! Copy and paste and dig a little…it’s worth every penny and there are incentives!

Kickstarter Info


Surina & Mel. World Premiere at the Urban World Film Festival  – get yours! super excited to be asked to music supervise the teaser for this wonderful pilot that is pushing boundaries and getting it known that us Brown people want shows about us too.

Sept. 21st at Urban World 2019 – info here!

Crunchy Frog B’day Bash: 25 Years of Acquired Taste

091419_70905738_10156984139962886_5048977851676622848_o.jpgCrunchy Frog turned 25. For the occasion they organized and flew out a brilliant group of music super people, from all over, to introduce us to Danish music makers and celebrate all their bands. It was an amazing time in Copenhagen,  Thank you for everything Crunchy!! #classphoto

The Inside Look – Michael Kors Spring 2020 Runway Show

Come join us for an inside look of Michael Kors new collection! Cleared a beauty for this one…

A Portrait The Michael Kors Mini-Documentary

Watch the mini-doc now!  Glorious minutes with Michael Kors by Director Alison Chernick.


UNION debuts on VOD! HBO pay per view, FlixFling, Frontier, Fandango, BRCTV, DirectTV, Redbox, Google Play, iTunes, Optimum, Youtube, VUDU, Verizon and Microsoft Movies. More to come! 


Anya is soon to hit the masses on VOD.  Also can be found at various screenings all over this amazing Earth.  Follow info here!

Häagen-Dazs “Cones”

More delicious ice cream coming your way.  Produced another track with Marmosets!

Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA Films.

Häagen Dazs and Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK.

And music with the lovely Marmoset Music!

Fit To Print Summer 2019

Celebrating prints with Michael Kors!

Coach “Presenting Fifty Years Proud”

Very excited and beyond proud to be a part of and music supervise this video project. 50 years since the monumental moment at Stonewall. Many years of many monumental moments, around the world, that took a lot of strength to get through.
I am so grateful for all the warriors, in the LGBTQ community, who stand proud and continue to do so as things still need to change and move forward. Love to you all!!!!!!!!! #worldpride
FROM COACH: “In celebration of #WorldPride Coach was honored to work with an inspiring and diverse group of LGBTQ+ creative collaborators for this film, both in front of and behind the camera. We are also proud to support young people in the LGBTQ+ community through an ongoing partnership with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the oldest and largest youth serving LGBTQ+ charity in the country.”
MKGO Rainbow Summer 2019 with Bella Hadid

Kicking off summer with Michael Kors!

Häagen-Dazs – Obsessions Collection 2019

A delicious campaign that we got to produce the music for with some amazing people including:

Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA Films.

Häagen Dazs and Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK.

And music with the lovely Nylon Studios!



Happy Mother’s Day! From Bella Hadid and Michael Kors!

A music supervision pleasure to work on.

Happy Mothers Day!

Heavy As Texas (Official) “King Of Fools” Music Video – 2019

I had a great time working on and working with Heavy as Texas in their

“King of Fools” video Directed by Mark Borchardt.

I can never say no to dancing!

Very SUPER proud to share that Bros’ very own Masha King​ was named the top Honoree of the 2019 The Webby Awards for the Video & Film “Best Individual Performance”!

Watch “Bras” here!


The story started with a man and an idea, Anthony DiMieri​, who then surrounded himself with a team of very intelligent and talented women producer movie makers, including writing partner Mia Sørensen​, then cast one hell of a force as a lead, and now we have the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” – BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said best by Anthony… “Very proud to find that the #1 Webby Award Honoree for “Best Individual Performance” is one of our own, proving that you don’t need money, celebrity, or anyone’s permission to produce work on par with gigantic media conglomerates and Hollywood studios. You just need a great writing partner (@mia.sorensen), a decent credit card and some extraordinarily generous, talented friends and you can make your own #HollywoodDreams come true. Congratulations Masha King! And long live Bros the gift that keeps on giving.”


Surina and Mel. Official Teaser – Music Supervision

53568854_10102437010508310_8901369890472984576_o.jpgWas very sad to miss this special screening for cast and crew. But sending all my love to the dream team that put this together.  Pushing all boundaries and stereotypes is the name of the game.  Surina & Mel. will melt your hearts.

More info at Surina and Mel. Facebook



Fall 2019 Michael Kors Collection Runway Show Playlist – Music Supervision

Loved doing this playlist for the online runway show.  All the issues that music supervisors are made for, were explored for the runway.

Michael Kors An Inside Look Fall 2019 BTS Collection Runway Show – Music Supervision

Behind the scenes at Michael Kors mixed with some vintage Japanese disco tunes = best fun ever!!


Fashion Week Begins!

Michael Kors Spring 2019 Launch Party Vibes

“BattleScar” goes to the Annie Awards


Congratulations to Martin Allais, Nico Casavecchia and AtlasV for their Annie nomination for Best Virtual Reality Production!!! Next chapters coming soon!!




Thinking of the beach during the winter months. Resort wear with Eric Biondo at the horn…

Michael Kors “Resort 2019” Collection – Music Production


Lilah is a new member of the Golden Hornet Board!



Explore the wonderful projects this organization develops and become a supporter!!

Click here to go to the site or write us and we will tell you how!!


Michael Kors “Light Up the Night” Holiday 2018 – Music Supervision

Tis the season with Michael Kors!

A special re-mix project with Director Sophie Edelstein of RSA films.

Bros “Trump Years” Series Teaser

A reminder to get out and vote!!

Sephora “Brand 2.2” 2018 – Music Supervision

A fun collaboration of music and good manager fun – Come get it!

Michael Kors “Watch Hunger Stop – The Power of Zero” 2018 – Music SupervisionN

A joy to find the perfect track for Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Effort!

“BattleScar” gets another nod – this time Best Animated VR at KLIK Amsterdom!

Congrats Nico and Martin!!

Stay tune for more chapters!!

“ANYA” 2018 – Music Supervisor
MV5BYjg1MTEzZWYtZTFjMy00NDc4LWIwODQtOTBmYzAyMzNhZjgzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjgzMzAzOTU@._V1_SY1000_SX1500_AL_.jpgJust wrapping this beauty of a tail. Looking forward to sharing it with you all!!
Directors: Jacob Akira Okada and Carylanna Taylor
Writers: Carylanna Taylor and Jacob Akira Okada
Michael Kors “Laidback Luxe Fall 2018” – Music Supervision

It’s Fall Time with MK. We got this little gem of a song on the scene…