A group of wonderful woman who came together first in a home, to a studio and then to the streets to recreate the Chilean feminist collective LASTESIS’ (@lastesis) performance  of “Un Violador En Tu Camino” (A Rapist Is In Your Path).

It was inspiring to be a part of this action and experience this group of women who united, listened, watched and learned the steps and lyrics of this chant in English and Spanish in order to perform it with great pride and in unification with many around the world.

This chant was created to confront all systems in the way of progress.  Women are changing the dialogue of our patriarchy system as we move up to grab back our power. Making things happen despite the cemented barriers. Diversity of color and class is a necessity.   Proud to be of this collective voice who performed in solidarity with the Chilean women’s crisis, our sisters here on our land in the US and beyond borders, and survivors all over the world. Thank you @rosemcgowan for introducing me to this amazing group of organizers and helping expand the megaphone to many others. Muchos gracias y much amor y abrazos por @lastesis for your match and the fire you have caused on an international level. Mad respect Mijas!! Super chido!!!!

Organized by: @yaratravieso @paolamendoza @sarahsophief @nelstamp @amberrosetamblyn
Photos and Video: @KishaBari @sandibachon @ginnysuss Carylanna Taylor and @opiegirl_bama . #lastesis #metoo #brownandproud #unityinnumbers #hermanasforvida